French Rock For Peace

The Purpose of my music is to unify the people around the world. French Rock for Peace… Why?

My Dream is that through my music people will unite in Peace.  

My dream is to inspire Musicians and Music appreciators to unite in a common goal: Make Peace wherever You are. 

What is Peace? It is an attitude. Not to fight too much, not to let fights grow out of control, recognize brotherhood (and sisterhood) in neighbors, co-workers, workers, cashiers, as people who have a connection with us. 

Peace is far more than wars; it starts with a helpful hand , with loving unconditionally as much as possible our brothers and sisters from another mother, by the way we talk with each other, by forgiving quickly whenever there was an argument or a disagreement.  Then it expand to discovering the world with curiosity, like a young child (which is still within us).  

Peace and Love naturally, effortlessly co-exist. Without  Peace there is no Love. Without Love , there is no Peace. So let Your Love bring in Peace , and let Your Peace bring in Love! 

Peace to You, Brother, Sister! 



This song is about a Break Up. Although its rhythm is slow and down beat, it is also romantic and a ballad. Don’t be turned off by this mellow song… enjoy its feel, its quiet energy… Love will always find a way, no matter what. 

The tears in the eyes of the lovers, are both beautiful in nature, and a purifying happening in essence. Te


ars are beautiful, and shake the heart in a good way… it triggers Love, Compassion, Sensitivity, and the most elevating emotions. Tears make us better human beings. 

During my travels, years ago, I had encounters, girls, and sometimes I left hearts broken… I want to apologize to them and dedicate my love songs to them, with all my heart.

Love will always find a way, no matter what.

With all my love.


Rock for Peace. Blessings to you.

NOTE: If you ‘d be willing to make a gift, a portion will go to sick and poor children.  Please leave a comment if you’d like to contribute to Lucky creating more songs.  Thanks! You are wonderful!


The Purpose of my music is to unify the people around the world. That is the ideal of the movement: Rock for Peace (or Rock for Love). 

Enjoy! and please, leave a comment here or on YouTube!

Peace and Love, my friends!


FYI: about people, population, etc. 


This song contains my impressions of New York City, more specifically, Manhattan … I nick-named Manhattan “Man Hunta,” because it may feel like women hunt men in the way they dress… Well, this was my feeling at the time…

 It tells about the Statue of Liberty, skyscrapers, yellow cabs, women, and the feel and unique world of the Manhattan, of New York City… 

As a French, I feel somewhat proud that my country gave the USA such a magnificent, symbolic, and unique statue. Liberty lightning the World, Liberty welcoming the Newcomers, Liberty leading the new ones to a better life, hope, and freedom. 

This song has a Funk (or Funky) style, or beat, and rhythm.  Hence the dancing banana, that can help it, but dance. 

Peace in the World. Rock for Peace and Brotherhood.



This song is the story of how a lover is missing his love. He sees his love everywhere he looks and talks to her in a poetic way. Everything his senses perceive, he wants to share it with his love. He doesn’t really feels his loneliness , but he still misses his love. This song is really  about Hope, and Patience. Eventually Love always finds its way. Even though the circumstances don’t seem favorable at all. 

French Rock for Peace.

Many blessings to you.



This song is about how we should always give Love another chance. This song is a supplication to come back to one another and live happy in a shared Love in Harmony. The beat is sad, because the pain is in the instant. But Hope is on the way, and the two will re-unite. 

Rock for Peace! Blessings to All! Brotherhood and Unity! Love you all!



This song is about not giving up, persevere to reach your goals, no matter what others say. … because success is the result of persistence and perseverance. You may have many others who criticize what you do, or how you do what you do. But if they are not successful in what they do, why should listen to them? If you feel your way to you life comes from your heart, it is the right way. Follow it with trust and confidence. Don’t give up, you are doing the right thing.

Peace in the World. Rock for Peace and Brotherhood. 


LITTLE PRINCE – Petit Prince- Rock for Peace

This song is all about the Little Prince (inspired by the famous book: The Little Prince by Antoine de St Exupery) and how he goes away from his planet and come to visit us on Earth…  His story is the story of a soul, who comes from a mysterious place, comes on Earth, and then at death, leaves and go back to mystery.

I dedicate this song to my mother, and my message is : “Friends, Love your mother with all your heart.”  I also dedicate this song to all the moms around the World. You are wonderful. 

Symboles de la video: le voyage depuis la galaxy : le voyage de l’esprit vers la terre.les photos de mamans de plusieurs continents: l’amour universel Leur sourire: le visage souriant de la jeune fille: L’espoir, l’amour , la joie, l’innocence. le petit garcon : le petit prince .La fille qui dit au revoir avec la main, : Maman qui dit au revoir . Le bebe-la femme-la vielle femme: le cycle de la vie.le zoom out: le depart de la Terre a l’Espace… Et le zoom in: l’esprit qui est present 

*Peace in the World. French Rock for Peace and Brotherhood. 


Rock for Peace – Too Pretty – Trop Jolie

Too Pretty (Trop Jolie ) is the story of someone telling his friend that the reason his date is not coming is because she is too pretty for him. The style is a Rockabilly song. Pretty upbeat, a good dancing song, even if you are alone, and feel like to go up and dance. 

This evening impatiently you wait for her. It’s not so far yesterday, yet she ‘s not coming. Lights are dimming on a slow dance way too slow… 

In the video, you may notice famous actresses such as Penelope Cruz, Salma Hayek, Gina Lollobrigida, Sophia Loren… Some of the most beautiful women in the world.

This song is like a Message in a bottle…home made recording. The style is rockabilly rock .

Technical/Equipment:  Recorded on a 4 Tracks Tascam: Portastudio 144 with cassette. Guitar: Stratocaster Fender Squire and Guitar effects: Yamaha SPX-1000 Multi-FX. Microphone: Shure SM57; Alesis Nanoverb Digital reverb; Rhythm Machine Roland TR 505; btw, see 

French Rock for Peace.

Many blessings to you.

July 2011

French Rock For Peace- Laughable Love…

Laughable Love? Waht a strange title for a song. I don’t know how, why I took this title… Maybe to mask a sad adventure in Love? Anyway, I would never laugh about love. I respect Love too much to do that.  

Amour derisoire… titre etrange… Je ne sais pas ourquoi j’ai decide de ce titre peut etre pour masquer un amour decu?  De toutes manieres, je ne me ris pas de l’Amour. Non je respect trop l’Amour pour en rire. 

Rock for Peace! Blessings to All! Brotherhood and Unity! I love you all!

Don’t Worry, I Sing ~ Je Chante

This is a song that I sang when I was backpacking in Europe, and in North, Central, and South America. … Don’t Worry About me, I Sing… It is about s lone guitarist who travels, and writes but has problem to receive letters, since he is always on the move. The notes always fly from and to far away places, and travel in the world of dreams, where beauty only exists, where everything is possible, where Love rules and embrasses her children…

I will edit the full, uncut version very soon. keep checking. You are awesome! You rock!

This is French Rock for Peace! Lucky

PS: Blessings to all, Sisters, Brothers… The world is only one country, and the language is Love, with Music, and the Arts as vehicles

Rock pour la Paix dans le Monde… 
Je Chante” raconte l’histoire d’un chanteur publique et ses impressions, alors que l’heure est deja
avancee… Cela parle de il est tard, il n’y guere d’argent pour la journee, les gens font peu attention
a ses chansons, meme si elles sont belles, la solitude enrobe le chanteur solitaire, ses notes s’envolent
a gre du vent, et se meurent… Mais ne te soucis pas de moi, je chante, et demain sera bien mieux..

Paix a mes freres et soeurs du monde entier. Rock Francais pour la Paix!

La Terre est un seul pays, et le Language est Amour, avec Musique, et les Arts comme support.